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Why Does My Garage Door Close Too Quickly When Using the Remote?

Dealing with a garage door that closes too quickly when operated via the remote can be frustrating and concerning. It’s not only an inconvenience but also a safety issue.

In this article, we’ll explore the potential reasons behind this problem and provide insights into how you can address it effectively and safely.

Garage Door Close Too Quickly When Using the Remote

Unraveling the Causes

Misaligned Safety Sensors

One common culprit is misaligned safety sensors. These sensors are designed to detect obstructions and prevent the door from closing if something is in the way. If they’re misaligned, they might perceive an obstruction that isn’t there, causing the door to close abruptly.

Adjustment Settings

Your garage door opener’s settings might need adjustment. If the closing force setting is too high, the door will close with excessive speed. Adjusting this setting to the appropriate level can help regulate the door’s closing speed.

Worn Out Springs

Garage door springs play a crucial role in controlling the door’s movement. If these springs are worn out or damaged, they can’t provide the necessary resistance to slow down the door’s descent, resulting in a rapid close.

Steps to Resolve the Issue

Check Sensor Alignment

Ensure that the safety sensors are properly aligned. They should be facing each other and not obstructed by dirt or debris. Adjust their positions if needed.

Adjust Closing Force

Locate the closing force adjustment on your garage door opener. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reduce the force, which will lead to a more controlled closing speed.

Inspect Springs

Examine the condition of the door’s springs. If you notice any signs of wear, such as gaps or visible damage, it’s best to contact a professional for inspection and potential replacement.


A garage door closing too quickly when operated by remote is a situation that requires attention. Integrity Garage Door Repair in Midlothian can assist you with garage door opener repairs, ensuring that your door operates safely and smoothly. Remember, addressing this issue promptly not only prevents inconvenience but also safeguards the well-being of you and your loved ones.


Yes, adjusting the closing force setting is usually a DIY task. However, if you’re unsure, it’s safer to consult a professional.

Misaligned sensors can compromise safety, as they might not detect an obstruction. Promptly address this issue to ensure safe door operation.